The International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) is the non-profit governing body serving the legal framework to bring Functional Fitness to the Olympic Games.

We provide international leadership, structure, and resources to fuel the growth of functional fitness as a sport as well as enrich the experience and safety of its worldwide participants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a pathway for competitive functional fitness to be included in the Olympic Games by developing a governance structure which provides rules, safety standards, judge training, and competitive opportunities for athletes.


The iF3 provides rules, movement standards, and safety protocols for use in competition, guidance to National Federations, training for judges, news, event information, and much much more.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization we rely on your generosity to keep us going. Please considering making a tax-deductible* donation in support of If3's mission. *tax deductibility is dependent on your individual tax situation


TrueForm Runner

The unique, non-motorized treadmill

The TrueForm is engineered to help users feel the perfect position, whether walking, jogging, or running. It rewards proper posture, balance, and cadence. You will immediately feel any form deficiencies and have the ability to intuitively learn efficient movement patterns where you can feel the difference.

National Federations


USA Functional Fitness

Your Country

Champion your country's functional fitness federation and earn your country berths to sanctioned International Events. Contact us!


Federación Mexicana de Fitness Funcional Competitivo A.C.


Canadian Functional Fitness Federation


Svenska Förbundet för Funktionell Fitness

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Functional Fitness Federation


Functional Fitness Federation Ireland


Республиканская Федерация Функционального Многоборья


Latvijas Funkcionala Fitnesa Federacija

United Kingdom

Fitness Racing Federation United Kingdom


Norges Functional Fitness Forbund


press release

Functional Fitness Federation Of Kazakhstan Announced

Almaty, Kazakhstan October 3rd, 2017: Today, the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) announced its recognition of Республиканская Федерация Функционального Многоборья as the national governing body for competitive functional fitness in Kazakhstan. Alexandr Obleuhov, President of Read more...

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