The International Functional Fitness Federation (IF3) has announced a partnership with the Brand X Method (TBXM) in order to create a clear vision and safe pathway for youth athlete participation and development under the iF3 system. The iF3 recognizes that providing opportunities for youth athletes to participate is essential to the long-term growth of the sport. However, these opportunities must only be provided through a lens that prioritizes athlete health and safety.

For this reason, the iF3 has brought on the Founders of The Brand X Method Program, Jeff and Mikki Martin to establish a Youth Committee under the iF3 umbrella. The iF3’s James Fitzgerald will also be leading the development and oversight of this Committee.

The iF3 has a goal of offering International level Youth and Junior Competitions prior to 2020. Therefore, another key component of the iF3 partnership with TBXM is designing an age appropriate competition structure that the iF3 can implement for young athletes.

In line, with both the iF3 and TBXM’s views that education and safety are of paramount importance to sport and athlete development, a new series of online and internationally available in-person certificate courses will be launching in late 2018 focusing on preparing youth athletes and coaches for long term health, safety, and success in the sport.

Gretchen Kittelberger, President of the iF3 stated that “One of the core missions of the International Functional Fitness Federation is to develop an athletic pathway for individuals at all levels and age ranges of the sport. We want athletes from kids to adults to have an age appropriate sport system to participate and compete in. By partnering with The Brand X Method, we gain access to not only an incredible knowledge base, but also a group of individuals who understand our views and priorities on long-term athletic development and our goals as an organization. We are incredibly excited to learn from and build with The Brand X Method team as we expand our programs to include youth athletes.”

Jeff and Mikki Martin, Co-Founders of The Brand X Method commented, “By partnering with the iF3 we have the opportunity to positively impact as many children’s lives through movement as possible. Our methodology and philosophy, which prioritizes foundational athletic development and basic human movement, syncs beautifully with the iF3’s commitment to develop the whole athlete. We look forward to working with the iF3 to develop a safe and developmentally appropriate pathway for youth to compete in functional fitness. Additionally, we aim to develop the most comprehensive youth coaching course available. We envision a time when all of our children’s sport experiences are rich with learning and growth and remain a positive presence in the rest of their lives.

More information about the iF3 Youth Committee, iF3 plans for Youth competitions, and the launch and course dates for iF3-TBXM youth courses will be released over the coming months. A community centered youth event is scheduled to take place the Friday before the iF3 World Championships begin in London, England in order to introduce local school children to the sport.

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The Brand X Method (TBXM): The Brand X Method™, was founded by Jeff and Mikki Martin, and is the original functional fitness program designed specifically for kids and teens. It is proven and trusted, and based on a philosophy that privileges efficient movement, physical literacy, and athleticism over specialization and intensive competitionMore information is available at

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